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Bookpapa.com (Connecting Knowledge) India’s No.1 online classifieds for used books, is a venue where people can connect with each other to BUY, SELL, and DONATE used/pre-owned books. The ultimate aim of bookpapa.com is to bring out the books that was dumped for years in our shelves, reuse it, make an Eco environment and also trade it with a beneficial way which can lighten-up the education for the needy in a nominal price.

The portal holds many popular categories of books including Medical, Engineering, Law, Arts & Science,School books etc., Which also provides an extensive search engine to search the required books by,categories, sub-categories, course,subject, universities etc.,We are headquartered in Chennai, Bookpapa.com serves for all types of book readers, but it mainly concentrates and serves students from primary to post graduation and up to their job oriented examination, which can help to build a brighter world. This portal is OneStop location for all to find the books that they are in need.

By using bookpapa.com avoid stepping in to many places to find your book. Register with bookpapa.com do a hassle free trading of your books. Charity begins at home, bookpapa.com also gives an opportunity to donate your books for under privileged students.

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