1. What is bookpapa.com?

www.bookpapa.com is an online classifieds for new/used(pre-owned) books especially designed to cater the needs of students and professionals who cannot afford books that are sold at higher price in the market. Bookpapa.com is an online store for new/used(pre–owned) books.

2. Is bookpapa.com is “free” to use?

www.bookpapa.com is free classified website for new/used books , when you use this service , you don’t have to pay and use. It is free of cost

3. What is “ Dashboard”

User’s should Register and login to use this Features.
Dash board is place where you can do following things
i) My Account – The feature my account helps to edit your profile, add your phone number and helps to change your password
ii) Posted Books – A list of book posted by User
iii) “Check Your Alerts” - When we create a “ add a alert “ to receive notifications about a particular book, we would receive a mail from the admin , if that particular book was posted by some User’s and a Notification alert too ( We can Click to see “ Check Your Alerts” for any new messages)
iv) Book Request sent – Stores Message’s that is Sent by an User(You) o Another user requesting his/her Book for Sale
v) Book Request Received – Request Received by a User from Another User Requesting him to Sale his/her Books

4. What is ‘Provide a Request’?

Provide a Request Contains following features
i) “Request a book” The option “Request a book” helps to send a request to the administrator to a particular book he/she searching for, in reply the administrator will notify, if the books added on the bookpapa.com website by an any user or can in any possible means the bookpapa.com would try to arrange book for the Users if possible.
ii) Add a category / Field ? “Add a Category” is where you sent a request to the admin to add a category or field that is not available in bookpapa.com. So in order to make available any important categories or Fields for the end user’s , bookpapa.com has provided this Functionality.
iii) Customer Care ( Feedback) The “ Customer care’’ helps to collect feedback from end users like Complaints, Suggestions, Report Abuse and an automatic message would be generated that the administration would contact the end user no sooner than 48 hours.

5. What Do You Mean “ Look for your previous Listings to Repost” And where I can I find this link?

You can find this link at the bottom of the ‘’POST BOOKS ” page, this feature helps you to repost your books that is already posted, this may be done, when you reach the Expiry date or You may want to repost the book with additional features i.e.,Update or edit the book you have posted.

6. Categories and Fields in bookpapa.com

We bookpapa.com has included most of the Categories and fields relating to the categories, Keeping in mind about the user’s growing demand for books in Various categories and fields we added subsequent fields in our database, and if you don’t find any category of your choice , Under provide a request , we have created a option to select “ Add a Category” , you have to send a request to the admin with specific name of the Category to be added in our database, and if the admin if feels it worth to added will be doing it.

7.How To Find Donated Books?

You Can Find Donated Books by Filling The Keywords And Setting Price "Zero" in Quick Search,

8. About Us

Bookpapa.com taken much effort in recycling books that are new/pre-owned /used among its user’s to benefit the Environment and the Users who cannot offer costly books. our new books are priced at very lower rate. Bookpapa.com is a destination for book readers and philanthropists

9.Contact Us

User can message admin regarding the functionalities and functioning and Improvement of our Service bookpapa.com and Can Contact Us @ email : info@bookpapa.com